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Unravelling the Carbon Web is a project by PLATFORM. We work to reduce the environmental and social impacts of oil corporations, to help citizens gain a say in decisions that affect them, and to support the transition to a more sustainable energy economy.

النفط في العراق
عقود مشاركة الإنتاج: التنازل عن مصدر سيادة العراق
PLATFORM news / press releases on oil in Iraq
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PLATFORM news / press releases on oil in Iraq

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17 June 2008: Tell Iraq's Oil Minister: 'STOP ATTACKING TRADE UNIONISTS'
Protest at SOAS conference, against transfer of union activists

20 May 2008: Shell blasted on Iraq oil - 'Plans risk more conflict'
Protest at annual shareholder meeting

19 May 2008: Naomi Klein speaks at Hands Off Iraqi event

23 February 2008: Hands Off Iraqi Oil day of action across Britain
Protests in 26 cities

13 November - 13 December 2007: Hands Off Iraqi Oil speaker tour
Ewa Jasiewicz and Greg Muttitt tour the country

6 August 2007: Iraqis oppose oil development plans, poll finds
Further setback for US / UK as Iraqis reject oil privatisation

18 July 2007: Iraqi trade union leader speaks in London
Hassan Juma'a, President of the Iraqi Federation Of Oil Unions (IFOU), speaks on the struggle for trade union rights in Iraq and the grassroots opposition to the occupation's sponsored Oil Law.

11 June 2007: Iraq oilworkers claim tactical victory
Strike suspended as negotiations resume and Ministry of Oil is reprimanded

6 June 2007: Iraq government orders arrest of oil workers' leaders
Iraq's powerful oil workers' trade union today expressed alarm as an arrest warrant was issued for its leaders, in an attempt to clamp down on industrial action.

4 June 2007: Iraqi Pipeline Company Workers on Strike
The strike is over unfulfilled demands tabled by the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions (IFOU) to Prime Minister Maliki on May 16th 2007. The 16 demands focus on improved working conditions, pay, land for homes, a reduction in the national price of fuel and crucially, inclusion in the Oil Law drafting process.

15 May 2007: Shell "stealing Iraq's future", says shareholder protest
Oil giant Shell faces accusations that it is seeking to steal Iraq's economic future, in a protest by Iraqi and British campaigners at its annual shareholder meeting.

9 March 2007: Exposed: British government pushing oil interests in Iraq
The British government has been using its position as a military occupation power to push the interests of oil corporations in Iraq, according to London-based research group PLATFORM.

8 March 2007: Hands Off Iraqi Oil - Campaign Against Iraqi Oil Rip Off Launched in UK
Development, environment, human rights and anti-war groups have come together to launch a campaign against the “rip off” of Iraqi oil by western companies.

27 February 2007: Cabinet Readies Iraqi Oil for Privatisation
Iraq’s Cabinet has just approved a Hydrocarbon Law which will allow foreign companies control over Iraq’s oil for the first time in 35 years. The law allows Iraqi oil to be developed by foreign companies under long term contracts which will give them exclusive rights.

9 February 2007: Speech on Iraqi Oil Law by Hassan Jumaa, leader of Iraq Federation of Oil Unions
‘History will not forgive those who play recklessly with our wealth’

14 December 2006: Iraqi trade unions attack plans for foreign company control of oil
At a meeting in Amman, Jordan, leaders of Iraq’s five trade union federations – between them representing hundreds of thousands of workers – called for a fundamental rethink of the forthcoming oil law, which is designed to allow foreign investment in the oil sector

4 July 2006: Former British Foreign Minister helped oil giants with Iraq contracts
New documents show Malcolm Rifkind lobbied Dick Cheney for Shell and BHP Billiton to obtain major Iraq oil contract

November 22, 2005: Iraq to lose up to $194 billion in oil "rip-off"
New report, 'Crude Desisgns', reveals corporate oil grab, backed by US and UK

11 August 2004: Shell misleads investors again as it lines up for Iraq spoils
Shell hires access to Iraqi decision-makers

16 June 2004: Oil companies hungry for Iraq bonanza
Industry survey ranks Iraq 3rd most popular country for oil companies