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Unravelling the Carbon Web is a project by PLATFORM. We work to reduce the environmental and social impacts of oil corporations, to help citizens gain a say in decisions that affect them, and to support the transition to a more sustainable energy economy.

النفط في العراق
عقود مشاركة الإنتاج: التنازل عن مصدر سيادة العراق
PLATFORM news / press releases on oil in Iraq
PLATFORM publications and articles on oil in Iraq
Crude Designs: The rip-off of Iraq's oil wealth
About production sharing agreements
The General Union of Oil Employees (Basra)
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PLATFORM publications and articles on oil in Iraq





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PLATFORM briefing series on Iraqi oil

The oil and gas law - signing away Iraq's future? (pdf, 112kB)
Summary briefing on the Iraqi oil and gas law, written for Iraqi members of parliament
April 2007 (4 pages)

The Iraqi oil sector, privatisation and the UK's role (pdf 141 kB)
Analysis of the oil law, its impacts, and how the British government has influenced it
Submission by PLATFORM to the Iraq Commission, 14 June 2007 (7 pages)

Slick Connections: U.S. Influence on Iraqi Oil (pdf 189 kB)
A timeline, charting how the US has shaped and pushed Iraqi oil policy
By Erik Leaver and Greg Muttitt, published in Foreign Policy in Focus, 17 July 2007 (7 pages)

Shell - Stealing Iraq's Future (pdf 112 kB)
How Shell has been at the forefront of oil companies trying to get hold of Iraqi oil
Factsheet by PLATFORM, May 2007 (2 pages)

A Guide to dispelling the myths on Iraqi oil policy (pdf 204 kB)
Published by Hands Off Iraqi Oil, July 2007 (2 pages)

Analysis of Iraq's draft oil law (pdf 106 kB)
February 2007 (2 pages)

Crude Designs - The Rip-off of Iraq's Oil Wealth (html page)

Our popular overview of the issues - downloaded more than 100,000 times! Available in English, Arabic and Italian, and summary in German.
Covering US/UK strategic interests, oil company objectives, analysis of production sharing agreements (contracts), the lobbying for PSAs, analysis of the economic costs to Iraq, and the alternatives. Published by PLATFORM, together with Global Policy Forum, Institute for Policy Studies, New Economics Foundation, Oil Change International and War on Want, November 2005 (48 pages, colour).



9 July 2008: Iraqi oil on the block
ANALYSIS: The real significance of the Oil Ministry's announced bid round
Published on

26 June 2008: Oil sell-off by stealth
Iraq's oil service contracts are more than they seem
Published on

2 May 2008: No Oil Law in Sight - Opposition Intensifies
Published in Carbon Web newsletter

24 October 2007: The white man's burden and 'oil for peace' in Iraq
Published in Carbon Web newsletter

May 2007: Iraqi oil law in the balance
As the end of May deadline for passing the oil law is missed, what are the prospects for the law, and for Iraq?
Published in Carbon Web newsletter

January 2007: US Iraq strategy - oil objectives unchanged
As we go to press, an announcement is expected of President Bush's "new strategy" for Iraq, following the Baker-Hamilton review. But one thing unlikely to change is his approach to Iraqi oil.
Published in Carbon Web newsletter

October 2006: Will Iraq repeat Russia's oil mistakes?
Iraq announces its plans for oil contracts with foreign companies - just as the same type of contract comes under fire in Russia
Article in al-Sabah al-Jadeed, an independent Iraqi newspaper.

August 2006: George's oil Dubya-speak
A new framework to restructure Iraq's oil industry is under preparation, and has been presented to the US government and multinational oil companies before even being seen by the Iraqi parliament. Meanwhile, Iraqi civil society and public are being excluded altogether.
Published in Carbon Web newsletter
(Another version of this article, entitled 'Whose oil?' was also published in al-Sabah al-Jadeed, an independent Iraqi newspaper.
An extended version, entitled 'Oil pressure', was published in Foreign Policy in Focus)

July 2006: Of oil, war and power
Iraq's new oil law will be voted on by the parliament by the end of this year, but the type of contracts it is likely to offer could last for several decades. With such a long-term impact on Iraq’s economy, development and politics, politicians would be wise to observe the lessons of the history of Iraq’s oil.
Published on

June 2006: Privatisation by the back door
The Oil Minister has said the new oil law will allow him to sign contracts with "the largest companies". Most likely he is referring to production sharing agreements, the form of contract favoured by the oil companies. But what would be the consequences - for Iraq's workforce, economy and sovereignty?
Published on

June 2006: For whom, the wells drilled?
Comments by the new Kurdish Natural Resources Minister have intensified the debate about national or regional control of Iraq's oil industry. But could the moves in fact strengthen foreign oil companies?
Published on

June 2006: The black gold rush
The new Oil Minister has announced that he is drafting an Oil Law, which will reshape Iraq's oil industry. But are things moving too fast for the Iraqi people to have a say in the process?
Published on

April 2006: Iraq steps toward contracts
IMF economic conditions and Iraqi oil policy; multinationals position themselves
Published in Carbon Web newsletter

January 2006: Signing away Iraq's democracy?
PLATFORM’s new report exposes the true cost to Iraq of the oil majors’ agenda
Published in Carbon Web newsletter

October 2005: Iraq constitution lays ground for oilfield sell-off
Published in Carbon Web newsletter

July 2005: Iraq's untold story
Report on PLATFORM's trip to Iraq
Published in Carbon Web newsletter

June 2005: Iraq's other resistance - Oil workers in Basra are ready to fight privatisation
Published in the Guardian

April 2005: Resisting the economic war in Iraq
Interview with Hassan Juma'a Awad, head of the General Union of Oil Employees (Basra)
Published in Corporate Watch

February 2005: Under the surface - Iraqi oil and Tony Blair's absurd conspiracy theory
Oil and the Iraqi elections
Published in Red Pepper magazine

October 2004: Britain: 90 years as a Petro State



research paper, May 2005: Production Sharing Agreements: oil privatisation by another name?
Presented to the General Union of Oil Employees' conference on privatisation, Basra
Arabic version

research paper, January 2006: Turbo- charging investor sovereignty: Investment agreements and corporate colonialism
How draconian legal agreements have guaranteed corporate profits in the Caucasus at the expense of host countries, and are set to be applied in Iraq
Jointly written with the Corner House, and published as a chapter of Destroy and Profit: Wars, Disasters and Corporations, by Focus on the Global South



presentation, July 2006: Production sharing agreements - Surrendering Iraq's resource sovereignty?
Powerpoint presentation on the consequences of PSAs for Iraq's sovereignty.
Presented in debate with Fadhil al-Chalabi, of Centre for Global Energy Studies, at meeting of the al-Kindi Society for Engineers.

presentation, October 2004: Oil and war in Iraq
Oil company interests in Iraqi oil
Presentation at European Social Forum


Campaign materials from Hands Off Iraqi Oil:

Leaflet on Shell and Iraqi oil

Hands Off Iraqi Oil leaflet 

Comic book - Iraqi Oil for Beginners 

Model trade union motion

Ideas for action